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Is Your Church a Family or an Orphanage

Category: Christian Living, Ministry

Stage: Serve

By Dhati Lewis

Does your church function like a family? Where everybody pitches in? Or like an orphanage where there are a few overworked staff trying to meet the needs of a bunch of underserved kids?God has called ...



Acts Ch. 8-12

Category: Theology

Stage: Learn

By The Bible Project

Our new video on Acts Ch. 8-12 explores how God’s Spirit transformed Jesus’ followers from a small collective of messianic Jews in Jerusalem, into a multi-ethnic movement that quickly spread throu...



Hide and Seek (Series)

Category: Christian Living, Ministry, Apostolic, Devotionals

Stage: Discover

By DM Lab

The Bible is God’s 66 love letters to us. However, sometimes we might not know where to start reading or studying it. Hide and Seek is a series of 19 lessons designed to help believers read and unde...



Four Corner Leadership (Series) (Series)

Category: Ministry

Stage: Discover

By Pursue God


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